1. Talk to our service

We are available via phone, LINE, Facebook, and in person at our store! When you’re thinking about moving, we’re here for you!

  1. Look at apartments that meet your requirements

After carefully listening to your requirements (size, budget, distance from school, etc.), we will show you a listing of the many places we have available for rent. Once we’ve narrowed the list down to places you may be interested in, we can take you over to see the apartment in person. If you haven’t arrived in Japan, you may be able to post a deposit on an apartment to reserve it until you arrive, depending on the building.

  1. Decide on the place you want

After visiting the places you were interested in, the next step is to decide on which place you liked. Our team will start working on the estimated cost of moving in and living there.

  1. Sign paperwork and contracts

If you are satisfied with the costs and contract, now is the time to sign the contract, pay initial fees, and receive your key!

  1. Move in, set up life lines

If you’re moving from another apartment or a dorm to your new place, we offer a moving service for your personal items. We can also help you set up your gas, electricity, internet, and water. We’ll stand by when installers come and interpret for you if needed. We’re always available to support!

  1. Go to City Hall for filling out forms/updating residence card

After you’ve moved to a new address, you’re required to report your new address to the local government, and if you’ve moved from a different city, you also have to fill out paperwork saying that you’ve moved out. Our staff can assist you if needed.

  1. Ask us if you have any questions about living in Japan.
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